Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tis' The Season

No, I was not kissed under a toe just the ratchet one in my mind was hanging.  Other than that, my Christmas was spectacular.  My mom had decorated the tree with my help one day that dad had gone out of town.  However, that didn’t make Christmas any less special.  This year I thought would be the worst with three F’s (two I was able to bring up before break ended) and I thought I would not get anything.  However, I got just what I wanted.  A smiling happy family for one night, a GoPro, new Uggs, and a Vera Bradley traveling bag.  Almost like my mom knew me too well, because the day after my dad and I were leaving for a ski trip in Colorado.  Sometime I imagine if we had a bigger family or more friends that Christmas would be more exciting.  It is so much easier to cherish the little moments.  I really believe Christmas time is a family bonding experience.

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