Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 girls, 1 day after school, and 1 Big Mistake

Present Day
Mylah promised her mom she would be home in time for dinner with the family, however today was not a day she should have promised.

Friday Before Today
The game was about to begin.  Three girls were completely lost out of their minds on a Friday night sleepover.  "We need to be the people who do things that people look at and say that they want to be them." Alana exclaimed out of desperation for popularity.  "We don't need people who want to be us.  We just need to do something that make us happy that we are us.  Then everything will fit into place."  Mylah explained right as the theme song for Teen Wolf began.  After the TV show ended, and they watched 3 TV shows of what followed, the girls lied in Elise's queen bed until Alana said, "so what are we going to do?"  Mylah and Elise wanted to do something adventurous and then Mylah exclaimed that she had an idea.  She jumped out of bed and grabbed the Elise's Apple laptop on the night stand, then she started typing Brooke Brady Wood Witch Hunt.  She clicked on the first link and showed it to Mylah and Alana.  "We are going to do this."  The girls looked at each other with the illuminating light from the mac and it was a smile of agreement.

Present Day
It was the Monday following the Friday night sleepover.  All weekend the girls have been memorizing the chant which was:
In the Brooke Brady Woods is were the most danger lies.
I have come because I want to see what is so shy.
There are rules to the game, okay? 
I want to play.
In the Brooke Brady Woods is were people die.
I still wanna give it a try.
I still wanna give it a try.

I still wanna give it a try.
School let out promptly at 2:05 and they met up by the green hall staircase.  Alright?  Let's go.  By 2:10 the hallways were empty and the girls had finished touching up their makeup.  They left the school campus.  Mylah's phone rang and it was her mother. "As if I am going to pick this up!?"  The girls laughed and Alana grabbed Mylah's arm and said, "We have better things to do."  All the girls laughed as they walked down the beaten path toward the Brooke Brady Woods which honestly was not too far school.   They talked about makeup, boys, and how awful their parents were.  As they approached the woods they knew that the journey had just begun because rule two of the hunt was to walk 2 miles into the woods.  Rule one was too get there before the sun had set.  There was no backing out now.

Mylah explained that step three was to sacrifice an animal, or they had the option of slitting each of the players wrists.  They did a vote and finding an animal to sacrifice won hands down.  They tried to sneak up on rabbits, they tried to get their hands on little rodents, but their was no luck.  The woods were still lit up by the sun, but it was fading.  They were getting more and more desperate for something to sacrifice because they knew they would have to slit their wrists as a sacrifice.  Alana and Elise were desperately looking until they realized Mylah was talking on the phone.  They stormed over to her and Elise exclaimed, "we need to focus here so shut it down."  Mylah laughed and put the phone on speaker, "it is my cousin" she whispered.  Mylah's cousin began to explain how she skipped the step of the sacrafice and slitting the wrist and how it still worked for her.  She hung up the phone.  Ok, so Alana the next step?  Rule 4:  Circle around what is being sacrificed and chant the words.  The girls looked at each other and nodded, then began in unison.
"In the Brooke Brady Woods is were the most danger lies.I have come because I want to see what is so shy.There are rules to the game, okay? I want to play.In the Brooke Brady Woods is were people die.I still wanna give it a try."
"I am feeling really weird about this." Elise cried out, but Alana and Mylah continued."I still wanna give it a try."
"I agree, we should stop."  Alana tried to say quick enough so Mylah would not finish, but she did."I still wanna give it a try." Mylah let out a breathe she had been holding in; a breathe from the fear that had secretly built up inside.  "Wow I think it worked."  Mylah said as she fell upon Alana, which created a chain reaction to Alana, then to Elise.  They passed out upon each other in a circle.  The sun had set.