Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maybe Even Dangerous...

Sometime you are faced with a risky situation.  Something that could get you in trouble, however you do it anyways.  It might even be dangerous, but you still go through with it.  I still go through with it.  We all do.

The more stupid and reckless behavior is carried out by the young and naive.  I feel like sometime I fit in that category, and other times I able to break away.  However, what is the point of breaking away if you really do enjoy the thrill.  Say you don't do much on a daily basis, so popping pills is your daily getaway.  Of course, I do not speak for myself when I say that.  I feel like I understand the risk, the effects, and therefore I STAY AWAY.  So many, too many, people get hooked.  They get addicted, and there is no way out.  You see abstinence isn't just meant for sex.  If I had to choose between life or death I would want to live to see the thrill of life.  I don't need to do anything to make me feel like a risk taker, because my life is already full of chances.  I like to call them opportunities taken, because unlike someone who makes an artificial risk appear; I take mine raw.  Perhaps, raw or naked is not the right word to describe a natural risk.

There are so many risky scenarios that teens fall into.  I myself haven't fallen into anything thing… anything too deep that is.  I know I have to know my limits, I understand that an overdose of excitement could lead to death, and if you think I am referring to drugs then you don't know me too well.  You need to work on that, cause' you are a little too shabby.

If you are alluding to something be sure not to make me that stereotypical teenager.

The stereotypical teenager that drinks, gets high, and parties every weekend.

I can only dream of a getaway.  Not live one.

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