Sunday, January 26, 2014


Going out to eat is always a good time, however it isn't all about the food as it is connecting with old friends, or even making new friends.  You see everyone is a friend until you meet them. When you meet them that is when they can turn into an enemy.  Anyone that is rude I try to distant myself, and this includes sitting on the complete opposite side of the table.(however this has never been the case)  Sure, we hang out, but you ask if we are friends and I will say no.  There aren't many people I hate, but really I try to talk to them even if they hate me, because if you see that the other person is holding nothing against you it is easier to be friends again.

Today my dad took me out to eat with his friends, because I don't have any.  The fun thing about brunch is that there is no need for lunch, just a little snack midday a few hours before dinner.  I met a lot of people and if they make me laugh oh, 100 points to Grifindor, well in this case to who ever cracked the joke.

<3 :) Drali

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