Friday, August 30, 2013

First World Stuggles

I have the Galaxy S2 and although I  have a Case-Mate case for this phone it still managed to produce an internal crack right through the screen.  Luckily, this damage didn't create a problem of dis-function, but this isn't the only thing wrong with my high-tech phone.  Sadly, the charging port broke, so I have to physically take out the battery and charge it externally to get power for my phone.  These are some of my first world problems.  Comment below yours!

Why we take things for granted?

The things people value tend to be the things that struggle, work hard, and overall invest a surplus time into to achieve.  Value is a ranking of how much someone care and if they put forth time and effort then the product is valued more.  There are situations where I do not work hard for something and therefore I do not value it.  There are other times I work hard and value something because I had to work hard for it.  Sometimes if I am presented with a surplus of something, but I complain because it is not specifically what I am looking for it tends to be because I don’t have to work for it.

If I don’t work hard towards something, then I will not value it because I didn’t invest much time into it.  I complain about not having anything to eat, but I have fridge full of food.  Why do I do this?  I take what I have for granted and since I don’t have the food I want when I want it I say there is nothing to eat.  If I did not have an abundance of food, then I would probably see the fridge in a whole new way.  Another example of things I take for granted is that they don’t have to work hard for is clothing.  My friend and I look our closets and exclaim how we have nothing to wear when in fact every hanger is being used.  We don’t work yet and our parents provide our clothes, so it is easy for us to say that there is nothing to wear.  If we did work, and save up for our own clothes we would probably value our clothes more.

While there are somethings we take for granted there are others we strive to obtain.  There are some things that I struggle and work hard to receive which leads to me valuing it more.  I do my homework, and make sure I study so that I can get the grade I want.  When I see my accomplishment compared to how hard I work it makes me very happy.  Another thing that I work really hard at in my cheerleading.  We work 10 hours a week and break a sweet every time in order to win.  My team and I obtain our trophy we are elated.  There are situations where I really work hard to get something I really want and the results are extremely valuable to me.

There are things that I value because I have to work hard and spend time doing it.  I value what I work for more than what I am given.  I need to apply myself in everything I do, so that everything is valuable and treated with respect.  If we didn’t have the things that we take for granted we would probably have an affected quality of life.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Should Saftey Be F1RST?

Safety should always be first since being unsafe can get people injured.  If an unsafe situation could be prevented, then we could avoid traumatic situations.  Not considering safety can get people hurt in everyday situations, emotionally and physically.

People are getting injured emotionally in day to day activities.  Some people are hurt emotionally due to electronic and online communication.  Examples of ways that electronics can cause emotional injury is through cyber bulling.  Cyber bulling includes: stalking, harassment, insulting, and name calling.  They should be careful of who they talk to and what information they give out.  The scenario could be even worse if the perpetrator is a stranger.  The perpetrators could camouflage themselves to appear harmless.  Strangers, or people they meet online, and could be very dangerous, and that is why they should take precautions during all online scenarios.  There are also the threats given in person to hurt one emotionally.  When someone says a rude comment to victim in person they can end up getting hurt emotionally.  If they encounter a person-to-person attack, then they should stay calm and proceed to find an adult or authority who could be of assistance.  Of course, people can get injured physically if they are unsafe.

There are dangerous scenarios that affect people’s physical health and well being, and that is another reason that safety should always be considered.  A physical injury can be created by misusing machines.  Some people get hurt by car accidents if they use them unsafely.  If they make sure to wear a seatbelt and follow all the states laws then they will increase their chances of being safe.  People can get hurt by machines, but another way that people can be injured physically is by making mistakes in they way that they take medications.  An example would be taking someone else's medication by accident or on purpose. This causes them to be in harm’s way.  In order to increase safety, they should double check what they are taking, how much, and whether they are following the doctor’s instructions.  Everyday situations can drastically affect someone’s well being, and that is the reason that safety should always be first.

If someone is not safe they could die.  In life, accidental death is a major tragedy, and to prevent that unnecessary sadness safety should always be first.  They could keep safety first by slowing down and by paying attention.  Emotional and physical injury can be prevented if they consider safety.  They should try to avoid the everyday situations that can get them hurt.  Safety should always be first no matter what is being done.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

To Live a Happy and Productive Life...

Growth is necessary to live a happy and productive life.  People are constantly striving to live a happy life by fulfilling their wants.  They also are trying to meet everyday internal and external expectations which results in a productive lifestyle.  For example, when I want to learn a new song that makes me elated I pull out my guitar and learn it. I am also expected to cook dinner for my family.  In order to make sure that I using my time productively, I need to limit the time on my guitar.

When people have an internal goal in life they tend to take baby steps in order to achieve their goals.  Cheerleading is sport that makes me have a happy and productive life.  As a cheerleader I would be extremely joyful if I was to achieve my splits.   If I was not showing growth as a cheerleader, then I would probably not be awarded several opportunities.  If I was not growing and improving as a cheerleader then I could not live a happy and productive life because I would never see myself improving. The actions I take include stretching daily to grow into the more flexible person I want to be.  I get a kick out of seeing myself improve and focusing on new goals. It would be impossible for me to live a happy and productive life without this drive.  We play a large role in deciding what we do to make our lives happy and productive, but we are not the only ones influencing these decisions. 

Our families, corporations, and societies are constantly expecting more of us.  Meeting external expectations leads to happiness and productivity. One example of meeting societies expectation is having good hygiene.  My goal is to impress others with my hygiene, and that motivates me to care of my hair.  I noticed that once I cease to care and treat my hair with quality products, my hair falls out and overall looks dead.  I am motivated to take that extra step because I want to meet societies expectations.  Goals obviously allow people to grow because completing a “good goal” makes the goal conquerer a better person.  The reason that not meeting the expectation makes you feel unsatisfied is because you feel you are portraying an image of a weak soul and slacking spirit.  Anyone can create a goal whether they are influenced personally or by a society.

If you want to have a happy and productive life you need to balance all aspect of it.  Growing physically, mentally and emotionally are important and as you get more advanced in these areas people are awarded new responsibilities externally and internally alike.  Having responsibilities makes me feel like I am worth something, and it truly helps me lead a happy and productive life.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do I miss school?

"Do you miss school?", I am constantly asked if I miss school followed by the question, "Are you excited to do back?"  I reply with a mere shrug of the shoulders and a smile, then they grasp my shoulder and chuckle lightly.  I always thought this question was asked because they wanted to get rid of us and the adults were ready to send up to a 7 hour day care center.  I actually do still think that or adults aren't that social and don't know what else to say.  Either way, I was never too fond of school, but my friends do make it a million times better.  I enjoy being able to go through a topic if I don't understand it with a friend, and if I am "out of luck" I love to Facebook message the cute boys from my class asking what the homework was or how to do it.  I also like school because I am not part of the dumb crowd, you see, if people need help they actually will come to me.  I like that because then I learn the information better because I am teaching it.  Sometimes, I am the one who is asking for the help because having someone repeat the information to me helps me to remember the information.  In my opinion, going to school is easier, more fun and more efficient then part taking in an online course.  I enjoy being able to give and get help from my peers in class and outside of class.  I feel one of my most useful study habits is exercised at school when I help and get help from people.  I guess its time to start saying, "Yes! I am very excited to go back to school.", because I am excited to rekindle the fire of learning.