Sunday, May 25, 2014


The yellow tinted light made it hard for me to open my eyes, but I was able to open them enough to make out his face.  I always awaken frightened from my slumber, and once again I freaked out because I had no idea where I was.  My hands were strapped down, and the man laughed saying it was no use.  He played my youtube cover of Bullet Proof, and added "if the straps are bullet proof, then they are defiantly Hailey-proof."  He approached me and as he did my eyes remained squinted. My eyes weren't bothered by the light, rather I was terrified of what was going to happen next.  In the movies this is the worse part, so a shiver was sent down my spine...   That is all I remember, and I begun to cry.  Had I been buried alive?  It seemed like dirt was seeping from the walls into where I laid.  At least I wasn't claustrophobic I thought.  Suddenly, the memory of a conversation of the worst way to die appeared in my head.  My answer was getting skinned alive, so I should be thankful that that is not happening to me.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Jobs!

Babysitting where the struggle could get real.  What I mean is that their are so many opportunities when stumbling into a career, like watching other peoples kids.  I was told by the mom that I would have to tell the boy no if he did something wrong.  Luckily, this is not my first picnic and when I told them that they laughed and smiled as they saw me as a great candidate for the position.  Everyone seems to be getting summer jobs, and I didn't realize it but I too have fallen into this trap.  I am just like the typical teenager getting a summer job for these months off.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Video Violence?

Video games do have violent themes, however that does not rub off on the players.  I really do not believe that because you play video games you are more prone to do more violent things.  In my opinion, it is more about who you surround yourself with, and the choices people make.  We had a big discussion about this in Spanish class, and most people agreed that how people are raised impacts them greatly.  I mentioned that people realize video games are fake, and most of the class laughed.  I just hope that they do realize Call Of Duty is not normal, and actual warfare is a lot more intense. Violence is not affected by video games.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Courses

Summer is an exciting because of the pool side, boys, and oh ya... no school.  I love my summer time, and last year I spent it in Spain, also I embarked on my first online learning.  I took Spanish 3 over the summer, which was super fast paced and ruined my academic standing in Spanish 4.  Maybe, Spanish 4 just hit me so hard that I could not handle it, or the teacher was just venomous toward me.  However, what I believe is that the course was so fast that I didn't learn what I needed to.  To avoid this I decided to take another summer course, not in hopes to fail the next school year, but rather to make room for electives that I would like to take.  I am taking the required course of personal econ and finance because I chose to take TV production at Fairfax.  I am excited for the rigorous school year.  I am going to be a junior!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Not UPenn Yet.

There are two reasons I like to visit Pennsylvania, the Amish village and the Hershey chocolate headquarters.  Interestingly enough I knew this from the get-go because, disregarding my visits the ski resorts, my first and second trips to Pennsylvania included going to the Amish town and then Hershey chocolate factory.  The third trip was to show my spanish aunt around and she loved it.  We were able to visit both Amish and the Hershey factory, which was a blast.  Being able to visit a faraway fairytale land is exciting because you know what is there, yet it is different every time.  Where do you like to travel?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Must Deal with the Cards Dealt

I would rather be prepared for something, than think of something last minute, however I have fallen victim to the last minute crisis in English class.  What occurred was that I had forgotten to print out my discussion notes, but it was not hard for me to contribute to the conversation because I had read the section we were assigned.  As everyone read out their annotations, my hands were frantically flipping through the book to summon a good discussion point.  Thankfully I had written a few key words and page numbers on the fold piece of printer paper I was using as a book mark.  I slide that out of its place, and just then it was my time to speak.  My task was to list the symbols found throughout the book, and hadn't realized I was supposed to ask and answer the question, so on the spot I had to come up with the meaning of a handful of symbols.

I started out strong, and then realized a note I scribbled on the paper that read, "p74 Estella and Pip are playing cards, and Pip ends up crying."  More of a summary I think to myself.  Then I start speaking, and I read what I had written down, now I say that I though the cards could symbolize something.  I racked my brain for what it could mean, and I came up with the perfect comparison.  Pip was a sad boy yes? An orphan.  He was with Estella and playing cards with her, but all she has intended to do is break his heart.  As they were playing cards, maybe the game could represent the quote that reads, "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."  The five other students at my table, ohed and awed, and I was ecstatic.  One girl even told me she really, like REALLY, liked that comparison, and maybe it could encourage some people to procrastinate, but not me because I was paranoid that whole class period.