Saturday, January 18, 2014


90 posts, 1152 page views, and … one follower.  I am not complaining because I never want anyone to actually read my blog posts.  However, I'd like to think this wouldn't be the case with my youtube videos if I didn't beg people to subscribe to me.  The way I do it now is sort of trashy, but it works.  I like to watch their video and then tell them what I liked about their video.  When they reply to me, I go to private message them and ask them to follow me.  I try to comment on their videos when they post, so that I seem like a loyal subscriber.  It seems so bad that I do this especially since I believe in the saying, "treat others how you wish to be treated", and this is defiantly not how I want to be treated.  Let's see where my youtube lifestyle will take me xD

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