Friday, June 26, 2015

Grab Some Coffee And Judge Me (non formal introduction)

backstory:  I signed up for this Coursera course online and I had to introduce myself.  This is what I whipped up.

Let me hook you right here, right now: I am 16 year old author.  Well... Arrow's Rescue was never published... and I was 8 years old at time, so the book, unfortunately, couldn't make it to the charts.  False advertising? Maybe.  Serious about this class?  Most definitely.  I have always enjoyed writing, and try to update my blog about the activities in my life.  If I was to write a book I would call it The Teenage Chronicles and All the Thing the Hormones Made Us Do.  Also, I have diaries upon diaries full of gossip, rumors, and fairy tales about vicious, and fictitious, boys that have made me feel a certain kind of way.  My diary keeping began in 6th grade, because it was a homework assignment.  Now it seems all the writing I ever do is for a grade, or SAT score out of 12.

Now I am a senior in high school, but not a senior in writing. Sure, ink glides off of my pen, and my fingers click-clack away on the keyboard, but nothing is ever concise enough to give me an A in my Advanced Placement English courses.  I need help so I can do well in my Advanced Placement English Literature course that will commence in the fall of 2015.  Hiring tutors isn't an option for me, so I am trying to utilize Coursera's free resources to make my writing more fluid, and enjoyable.

I need all the help I can get, AND THIS MEANS YOU so please give me all the constructive criticism you can summon (and leave the devil I call bad writing in hell).