Friday, January 10, 2014

Circles, Ellipses, Parabolas OH MY!

I know this is another education-orientated post, but what else am I supposed to blog about?  Boys?  My dad reads this, so please.

Not only are we back from break, but we are also starting a new unit.  I was happy that I spent the time to prepare for the upcoming topics, because I was totally ready for the new lessons despite the new seat changes we also got.  In math class we talked about circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas, basically we talked about conics.  We did a brief overview today about what they were all about, so it was interesting.

I already know that an ellipse is an oval shape, circle is a shape, a parabola is half a ellipses/circle, and a hyper bola is 2 half ellipses/circles.  We dealed with identification of these different shapes.  I know how to tell the difference between an ellipse and a circle if we simply look at the sides in relationship to the radius.  The ellipse has 2/4 that would match and the circle will have 2/4 that would match.  Identifying a parabola is easy since only one side of the equation is squared.  Finally the hyperbola, how would you identify it?

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