Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baking Fish

It's not that is was bad.  It was just really fishy, not crusty, tasted raw, and it gave sword fish a bad name.  Using an Ideal Protien book that my mom had purchased for my dad to better himself in his eating habits turned for the worst.  I have been picking out recipes from this book and everything seems to be oven baked, when usually it isn't cooked that way.  It's not that it is bad, however it certainty is not appetizing.  I am not looking for anything to fatty, but is a little bit of crust like what you get from frying fish to much to ask for.  I really hate going to pick up the fish at the market, but that smell is not supposed to linger all the way to the dinner plate.  Since it was lacking that brown crust the fish tasted raw and unfamiliar in my mouth.  I didn't know how my feeling were toward sword fish at first, but this certainty changed my opinion.  I shared this with my dad who also had to suffer, and he explained to me that sword fish does not usually taste this foul, because they aren't usually baked.  When I said my New Years Resolution was to bake this is not what I had in mind.  However, how bad could this have really turned out is the real question.  Sure, some parts were too done, and others were under done, but there were those parts that were perfection.  I am not saying the sauce didn't help because it did.

The Walnut Basil sauce I had prepared to accompany the sword fish was magnificent.  I really liked the way it tasted, because it had the basil kick with the walnut chunks.  This defiantly helped with every swallow of the sword fish.  At first my dad and I barely took any because we were unsure of how it would taste.  Later, we were taking it by the spoonful, so we could finish up our sword fish steaks.  It was very neat to try out baking fish, but I doubt I will do it again.  However, don't let me discourage you from baking fish, because I probably did something wrong along the way.  Does this make my whole article invalid?  No!  I followed the recipe, and its Ideal Protein you should blame.  I also listed clearly what the effects of cooking sword fish were, so don't think that this post is trash like the others. ;)

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