Friday, March 29, 2013

RS: The Once and Future King- Merlin

Magic is impossible, an illusion is realistic, and this is a fiction story.  Merlin is the magician living in the woods that Sir Ector invites to his castle after finding out he is educating the boys.  Merlin worked with Arthur first, shape shifting him into different animals to learn lessons on societal conflict.  Merlin disappears year after year because after he teaches Arthur and Kay his work is done.  Arthur and Kay grow up with Merlin like he is the crazy uncle.  As they grow up, Arthur finds interest in Merlin's magic, meanwhile Kay despises the use of magic.  Sir Ector loves Merlin for teaching the boys such valuable lessons.  Merlin never has a temper and he isn't over emotional therefore he is great at what he does and he also has a great personality.

RS: The Once and Future King- Arthur

People call him Wart, not because of acne but because he is a pathetic loser.  A lanky boy who brother to Kay.  Learn more about Kay in my last blog.  Wart was adopted with the birth name of Arthur by Sir Ector.  Arthur is an advisor to Kay meaning he has to get whatever Kay wants.  While Arthur is looking for an animal for Kay, Arthur meets Merlin who is a wizard.  Arthur explains how he wishes he had the privileges to learn like Kay did and thats when Merlin starts to teach Arthur life lessons.  Arthur eventually does become king in place of Kay after he pulls out the sword from the stone.  Though this wouldn't have happened if Kay did not request a sword that Arthur couldn't find in town.  Arthur is more fit to be king because he is caring and compassionate.  Arthur also knows several scenarios of conflicts he has had to resolve from Merlin's teachings.  Arthur is well fit to be king instead of Kay and this does happen at the end of the book.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Reading Summary (RS): The Once and Future King- Kay.

"You're acting just like Kay!"  This is a phrase someone might be able to use if they have read The Once and Future King.  Relatives are relative and Kay is son to Sir Ector, and brother to Wart.  In the beginning of the book the young boy acts like a complete brat.  As Kay gets older he never really matures even though he is prince and will take the throne in place of Sir Ector.  Kay is a troublemaker and always starts fights with Wart, also he is very picky and doesn’t like adventures or Merlin’s magic.  He is arrogant when he uses bows to big for him though, even though he is good at shooting his arrows.  All in all, Kay will be good at ruling a kingdom because of skills he has acquired such as archery from Merlin and Arthur.  Although, he will struggle in places such as teamwork and working through a problem.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Genes: Mutations

Some selective breeders can increase genetic variation by creating mutations.  Mutations can occur spontaneously, but they can also occur with radiation and chemicals.  Many mutations are harmful, however breeders do this because they want desirable characteristics not found in the original population.  The small size of bacteria has been useful to radiate and poison all the organisms, therefore creating a higher chance of a mutation.  Oil-digesting bacteria has been mutated in laboratories.  Mutations are harmful and kill several organisms, but in the end a desired trait is achieved.  Mutations have also created polyploid plants.  Polyploid plants have many sets of chromosomes, they are usually fatal in animals.  Banana’s and some citrus fruits are polyploid.  I love banana’s!  This mutations was a good call.

Genes: Selective Breeding.

Humans have used science to produce variations of organisms.  This process is called selective breeding; the two types of selective breeding are hybridization and inbreeding.  Luther Burbank is a plant breeder known for being the greatest selective plant breeder of all time.  Burnamk used hybridization to cross different organisms together and use the best of the parent traits for the offspring.  Hybridization led to plants that had characteristics that increased food production.  Inbreeding is continued breeding of organisms with similar traits.  This is how dogs are kept pure breed and get a pedigreed certificate.  Selective breeders can use hybridization or inbreeding to create variations of organisms.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If Animals Spoke in the Style of Odysseus

"Where has mother fled to?",  Anjikikimon sighed several gasps.  Vast white snow was endless.  Anjikikimon was not alone; she assumed she was.  She feared to glance behind her thereby grasp the moment of loneliness.  To look behind her and see emptiness was her fear.  A voice interrupted:

“Whom do you wish to encounter?  In this fair, cold, harsh wilderness?  No one can find berries at this hour.  If you are famished you may spend a few days with the boars until you are well to travel.  You appear pale and ill.  If you are sick I won’t be able to accommodate you.  I am Geopipe.”, Anjikikimon jumped and let out a shriek of alarm.  A large boar with brown tinted tusks and hair that is lightly waved like the hair on the top of the head of Athena confronted Anjikikimon. A few flakes from the last snow settle on his back like the ashes from the burning city of Troy.
Anjikikimon’s unsteady voice explained:

“I am a maltese.  Pure breed.  I am from the Island of Malta well loves by Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians.  I am Anjikikimon.  I am searching for my mother.  For a moment I felt warm and safe, but then I realized I was alone and felt abandoned.  I do not recall where she was wont to wonder.”,  from Anjikikimon.  The sea god, Poseidon was angry at Geopipe's disrespect toward the sea animals, so he called out a lightning strike from the dark, angry sky to kill Geopipe.  Anjikimon let out an terrified cry of terror, but was silenced by the wings of a heron.  Lummerizee whispered:

“Venture with me.  This way.”,  Anjikikimon felt hope in following the leader.  Anjikikimon was silently praying to disover her mother.  “Geopipe was harassing the sea animals, so Posidon set out to set things straight.”,

Anjikikimon gasped and said:

“I have lost my mother.  I am frightened and scared.”,  Lummerizee disclosed:

“Now we travel to nest of mine lined with the softest feathers with the best view from a tall tree.  There a family and two young chicks of mine.  My husband is ill, but we will spare a few crumbs for you.  I assume you would not enjoy the worm even though they are delicacy to us.”,  Anjikikimon smiled and said:

“Yes, I prefer bread over worms.  I would like to state my joy.  I can't not skilled at whealding a sword,  scaling the great ocean, or leading an army but I miss the warmth of my mothers company.”.  Lummerizee stopped and turned to Anjikikimon stating:

“Then we shall changed our first task.”,

Anjikikimon began to hear shouts for her mother had returned from gathering fresh water from the nearby pond.  Mother was calling:

“Baby!  Baby Anjikikimon?  Kiki?!?  Baby!”, Anjikikimon felt the uplift of her spirit.  She looked in front of her and saw mother.  Mother’s glistening figure outlined by the sun.  The snow was begining to melt and the sun was peaking through the clouds. Anjikikimon sprinted on her four pads and shouted:
“Mom! I am this way.  I love you.”