Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Social Life?

Getting to know someone creates new opportunities.  The ability to be able to get work or get help from something also increases.  I believe having a social life is a necessity, but not a priority.  Of course, spending time with friends is different then sitting down and studying, but having a social life also has other psychological benefits.  By being able to spend time out of the house with people who you enjoy helps relieve stress; it gives the brain a break.  We shouldn't have a social event every hour, but perhaps at least once a week.  Spending time with friends and strengthening relationships is not nonsense, but it does come second to school work.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Symbols of The World

Symbolism is use in every day life to represent the things people are insecure about.  Sometimes symbols are used in place of words if it id a touchy subject.  Using words can sometimes seem to foward, so putting a nice ease is helpful when using symbols.  I never had problems expressing how I felt so there is no modern way for me to compare it to.  Although, I just finished reading 2 short stories and both of the authors use their characters to symbolize a part of their culture and a problem within their society.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nacho and Doritos Galore

During lunch so many people have their choice of chips from the vending machine to snack on.  From the cheesy cheetos to the nacho cheese doritos, people enjoy their snack during break.  Personally I hate the dye color left on my fingers from the occasional snack I have.  Honestly, I beleive it is frustrated to have to wash our hands after eating.  I believe that other people feel the same way and in the end this is a factor that affects me from eating them.  Plus, these foods aren't even as healthy as one might think, so I don't understand why people still eat it.  I guess the taste is a driving force.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Buttoning It Up?

I know a lot of collage students are into the whole preppy look, but in my opinion button up isn't to classy.  There is a slideshow of different kinds of button up styles.  In my opinion, the shirts are cute and the models are gorgeous, but they aren't in style, certainty not helping an preps-ter look preppy.

Of course,  who am I to judge?  I haven't even left my teen years and I don't even own a true button up shirt, except my plaid shirts that I always leave unbuttoned.  If I could go to the store right now, I certainty would not pick up a button up shirt.  I say that the preppy look isn't for me, and I also say the button up doesn't go in the preppy category, but really, it does.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moto: Customizable Phone?

Motorola came out with a phone that no longer needs its colorful case, because customers can create their own outer shell for their phone.  From several different colors including blood red to lime green, there are endless possibilities.  I feel like this is almost like the iPhone 5 Color because it is interesting because of its shell color that happens to not be just black, grey, or white.  I really like this invention and I think it really makes everyone unique.  Also, it makes everyone know whose phone is whose!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Models Under 18 Are What?

Being under 18 is considered a minor, but being a model under 18 was always ok.  There was never a big deal, until now New York is making a new bill to limit the number of hours a women under 18 works.  If she is under 18 she will be considered a child performer.  This child performer will begin to have limits on what they have the ability to do, so has the number of hours they work.  This article is very interesting as it goes to explain the nitty gritty on the new New York rule.  This is making a huge impact on the modeling career because now talent agents aren't looking for the young models because they need to go through alot of paperwork compared to the models who are young adults.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pinterest Vs Tumblr

I feel like these two social sights are so very similar.  Almost as if they are built from each other in the design world.  I feel like there is a huge difference though, because I feel so comfortable with Pinterest then I do with Tumblr, although they both have the same concepts.  For me its confusing because I never use either of them to much, but I remember loving the red and white combo of Pinterest rather than the dark colors of Tumblr...

Honestly, I believe it depends who within your social group uses it and which one you learned to use first.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fashion Show

Fashion shows introduce new trends and help promote new designers.  Recently in New York there was a Bridal Fashion Week for fall featuring designers such a Vera Wang.  She had great styles including an ivory gown with bright and bold confections.  There is a slide show of the unique pieces.

I have always wanted to be a model in a fashion show, or even create pieces for the models of the runway.  I am only 5'6 and one of the requirement of being a model is to be at least 5'8.  Sadly, I have tried looking for model agents and never found one that would try to deal with me because I am two inches shorter than I should be.  Thats why everyone is unique and every one is good at something.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Great Garden?

The Good-for-Nothing Garden is an article about a man who has a garden that he feels is useless.  I see that he has a vast amount of land and I feel like he should be using his garden.  Instead, he lets the farmers do the work, he doesn't pay attention when the garden needs maintenance and he cooks food from store bought items when he could have picked them in his garden.

I have such a small area to plant a garden and I would be thrilled to be able to plant a bunch of crops, including an aesthetic arrangement of flowers.  My idea of an ideal garden is anything that has a crop growing.  My dream garden though is a very different image; all the crops must be thriving, surrounded by gorgeous decorations like those constantly found on Pinsterest.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lost and Found

If I didn't have my biological mother with me, instead a stranger who I grew up calling mom, then I don't know how I would feel.  I feel like I would kind of miss my biological parents, even though I had never met them yet.  I honestly believe that I would feel hate to the parents who gave me up, although I shouldn't because I am sure the feeling is much worse for them... After watching the video about a young girl who met her biological mother through facebook it made me think that social sites have such an impact in todays world.  I would not give it up for any reason.