Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cheer HIP-HOP Conditioning

Instead of conditioning taking place in the evening it took place in the morning; us cheerleaders had to wake up bright and early.  It was definitely more fun than the previous conditioning days, but it still was a workout to remember.  We decided to take a group picture and I love how it turned out, everyone has their natural smiles and it is my first photo with the varsity cheerleaders.  I love cheer because it is exciting and I love how nice everyone is.  One of my favorite activities as a cheerleader is stunting!  Even though I am not the one who everyone is paying attention too, I love the trust between the flyer and the base.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Test Taking Tips?

If I don't have a 4.0 GPA in a class, then I evaluate what is causing my grade to be so low.  I personally realized that my test grades have been low, mainly exams over material from the whole or half the year.  I am about to have my final Spanish 3 Online exam and I have to make sure I get above a 93%!  There is a class near my house that helps students take tests better and I am looking forward to enrolling there.  I have tried the free way of looking online, but I already used up all those tricks.  Now it is time to expand my horizons and walk to a window where my dad saw a sign about Test Prep near me!  I will be sure to blog about what I learned and tip and tricks I recommend!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


If you try and failed at a task, all the world sees is that you didn't do it.  If something is done half-hearted people do notice.  What I realized was that all my favorite beauty gurus tend to have a beautiful back drop and perfect makeup.  Today I love my outfit of overalls and a black flower tank, but after filming twice I realized today isn't a filming day.  Although I should upload something I don't want to upload something that isn't good, because what use is that to my subscribers.  I want my subscriber count to grow and the only way to do that is be active and create outstanding videos.  I am turning into a perfectionist because I want a retake for the smallest problems.  Is it an issue?  I think not.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Complementing Dresses

I love the way orange looks on purple and the way gold looks on red, but I used to hate the look of pink and blue.  To me pink is a girl color, and blue was a boy color and the two never went well together.  My cousin always leans toward the color pink and I naturally always tended to fall in love with blues and greens, so we always got along on our shopping trips.  Oddly enough the dresses we picked out to wear complemented each other but were also completely different from our tastes.  While I think this is odd I would not switch our outfits because they actually do suit us well.  Of course, now I love the way pink and blue look and they are not solely girl and boy colors.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home is where the family is and I really feel like that is true.  Where ever my parents and my dog were was home.  When I went to Spain I was surrounded by a lot more family, including aunts, my cousins and my grandmother.  I really enjoyed this company because I know family always stands up for family.  A lot of the time I find myself trying to depend and share things with friends who could probably careless and that is why I love to visit Spain.  It is a time to spend time with a group of people who care about what happens in my life.  I hope to visit again, but next summer I am probably going to a diabetes camp while my parents take a road trip cross country!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gijon in the Red

This summer during my trip to Spain I visited one of the most popular beaches in Gijon.  Taking the photo on the Gijon letter is one of the most important things when visiting the beach.  My cousin and I hoped onto the letter and my dad snapped the picture, but we had to be fast because everyone wants this photo as well to save the memories.  My cousin needed a little help getting on the O for Olaya and I failed to help, meanwhile my dad succeeded.  I was able to support myself onto the G and Olaya made a joke that it stood for Jorge, one of our very cute friends. XD

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cheerleading At Beaches

 I was thrilled when I was first notified that my mom and I were going to Spain.  After telling my cousin the news, I asked my cousin if she would want to stunt with me.  She sounded very excited as well, but unluckily for me I wasn't able to convince any one of her friends do it with me.  I really wanted to stunt on the beach or just do a neat move.  I found a perfect back round on an island beneath the port.  I decided to try to handstand against the stone wall and my mom with her iPhone shot an amazing photo I love to this day.  Then I tried to do my scorpion on the island just a short boat ride away from Vigo, Spain.  I was so unstable and we weren't able to take a decent photo of my scorpion.  The rest of the photos were shot at the port at Gijon, Spain.  I was with my cousin, Olaya and we were just playing around and my dad was taking photos.  Here was actually the first time I achieved my heel stretch, but I do realize I was hold my foot incorrectly.  I know I need a lot more practice and to stretch daily to achieve the perfect needle.  I was also playing around and attempting to do a scorpion, but since I was on a ledge I didn't want to let go of the pole.  Yet, I really enjoy the photos of my and my cousin Olaya stretching for a scorpion because they both look very cool.  I didn't expect the photo of my bridge to turn out so great!  Although, I am not doing a cheer bridge, I love how arched my back is.  Not only do I look skinny, but I feel I achieved something after so much practice and stretching.  I can't wait for my next photo shoot at a beach, hopefully next time with a group of friends!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The first time I had Trina was the first time I had a taste of Spanish apple juice.  After that, I tried several other flavorless and watered-downed brands and arrived at the conclusion that Trina was the best.  I love the taste of Trina and after my 2010 trip I came to the states asking around for Trina, sadly for me they didn't have it anywhere.  I love the beach its absolutely a fun time to bath in the sea and drink Trina.  With my nails pained a red hot and gold color, I am sipping away at the can.  I am enjoying every last drop of this delicious drink.  I defiantly recommend Trina to an foreigners wanting to try something new.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Love Is

Today was my first day back in the US and every time I fell asleep on the plane I had a dream about Angel.  You see, today was not only my first day back in the US, but it was also my first time seeing Angel in 29 days!  Angel the Maltese and I have a very special kind of chemistry and I love her to no end.  I always call Angel my baby, but sometimes we act like sisters and while it might be odd for me to call her family, in my heart it feels right.  During her stay at the Animal Hospital she became very sick and I knew it was because she was without the Draper pack.  Right when she saw me the room lite up with her tail wag and I gave her the biggest hug in the world; I almost cried.  The whole taxi ride home she was cuddled up in my arms and I knew she was so content.  Angel taught me that love is a real tough emotion to control, and sometimes it can make you very ill and not want to do anything you once enjoyed.  All in all, I know Angel is my lover. <3 :P

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My WORST Nightmare

A lot of things don't scare me and most of the time I am really brave, but there is an exception.  I hate going to mines, mine shafts, and going to the mine museum terrified everything inside of me.  This museum was located in La Entrego, Spain and everything within the museum was spanish.  It was a bit difficult for my dad to understand, but my cousin Olaya helped us out along the way.  Within the museum, there were the real machinery and I despised it.  I saw the big drills, the mining masks and what I hated the most was the replicas of a mine collapse.  On these made shift bodies where faces of fear and bucket loads of fake blood.  One of the main attractions at the museum was to visit the mine they had there and I really didn't want to.  We went into an elevator and it felt like it was going really fast, when in actuality it was just going really slow and we later were able to just walk up the stairs to exit.  We walked around and I was fooled into believing we were 600 meters below sea level, but we were just in a basement level.  The mine didn't collapse on me and I was able to go to the gift shop and pick out a cute scarf to accessorize my bag.  My cousin picked out a few sentimental rocks for each member of the family.  This was all my dads idea and although I said I didn't want to go, I am happy he made me.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sun Hates Me

The sun shines so bright and always finds me as its target because the sun hates me.  I am aware that I need to apply sun screen every single time I go outside; whether it be rain or shine . . . O.K I thought no sun = clouds = no sunscreen and that is where I feel apart.  I went to the beach with Olaya's school and the weather was so cold plus it was cloudy!  Being the foolish child I am, I denied applying my sunscreen and protected myself mostly with a towel from the cold air, therefore leaving my face as the only target for the sun.  My poor face became as red as a ripe cherry, I was hot and in pain for about a week until it finally healed.  Lucky for me, my aunt bought me a cream for my face so that I could heal faster and my mom made sure I applied it every single day.  I am fortunate that it only lasted for a day and I am praying I don't have any long term complications because of this bad burn in the future.  Well I will be honest here, I don't pray.

Finding My Twinnie

Going to the park is something Olaya and I do for fun.  My cousin and I like to spend time there eating, talking or eating and talking.  I always have to bring my insulin and other diabetic supplies of course because I am diabetic.  Anyways, one day we were at the park and saw a little blonde haired girl and a brown haired girl.  Right away we looked at each other because we recognized the resemblance.  Then we began asking for photos with them, because we are just that insane.  They agreed and luckily their parents didn't track us down.  It was a lot of fun playing with this girls for the remainder of the day.  It was fun finding my spanish look-alike.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beach Blog :)

"Today is going to be great!", I exclaimed as I packed my bag full of beach necessities.  "We can't be late if we don't want to miss the bus.", I explained to my cousin as she took her time doing everything.  I honestly would be lost and alone in the beach if I was to go without my cousin, so instead of leaving I waited for her.  If we miss the bus, we miss it together, I thought.

We left the house at a reasonable hour and came face to face with several charter buses.  I ended up sharing a seat with my cousin for the 1.5 hour ride.  We actually passed a few other beaches and they provoked me thinking we were going to stop.  The last time I saw a beach on that ride, I wasn't being provoked because we drove to it, parked and we were told to get out.  Later, me and my cousin set up our beach towels and it was actually so cold!  I didn't want to go in the water, but I did and regretted it because it just made me colder.  I stayed out of the water and played in the sand, later my cousin got bored and asked me if I wanted to explore.

We walked past the beach part of the beach to the exciting and beautiful rocks.  This was a dangerous area because the rocks were very sharp and filled with little crabs.  These crabs are not deadly, but they will hurt if they pinch you.  I tried my best to steer clear of these creatures and luckily succeeded.  My cousin and I traded places on who was photographer for the other person.  I had a lot of fun doing this, but I was still very cold.  Despite this, I went to buy an ice cream and I sat on my beach towel for the rest of the field trip and talked to the spanish girls and guys.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little Insight of La Felgura

La Felgura is a cute petite city in Spain with parks, kiosks, stores, avenues and home to part of my Spanish relatives.  The weather is always either rainy or sunny; this is great news for the plants.  All the apartments in La Felgura seem to have a balcony fully decorated with flowers.  People don't tend to eat in their house, but they go outside to eat and chat with friends.  The food is tasty, but every restaurant serves the same dish and there is not much variety.  Since there is no such thing as tip in Spain, the waiters serve, take out orders and give us our check really slowly.  I love the food my grandmother makes because it always makes my tastebuds dance.  In La Fel there are 3 parks, the parque Viejo, the parque Nuevo and the parque Penin.  I used to think there were just names that kids gave the parks, but its actually what they are referenced as!  It is easy to know what park you are in because if you go to the nearest kiosk or vending machine the name is labeled clearly.  Kiosks and vending machines sell everything from sugar spiked candy to olives, while it might be fun to get a flavored ice snack it is all very fattening.  That is why I am not too sad I only have to stay here a month.  I can get away from the temptation!