Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Colorado 2013

The frosty air was one thing and the cute boys was another.  However, what I loved most about Colorado was that I never knew something like that existed.  A forest a snow cover trees, a resort for people of all skiing experience, and an overall friend-making place.  My dad and I caught up with some friends we hadn't seen in a year.  It was a great experience seeing them again and being so away from home, but still feeling close to them who reminded us of home.  I really liked the Gondola rides because each time I was on that lift my dad and I were able to break out a smile.  Everyone was so friendly, and I was helped the countless times I had fallen or my poles were left uphill.  I really enjoyed Colorado, however everyone was mentioning how they loved Steamboat Springs because everyone was really nice and it wasn't just a resort, but it was more like a town of cowboys and ranchers.  The first few days we went out it was sunny and it was really nice to ski, but I had such an ache in my foot, which led to constant breaks and me ceasing having fun.   The last 2 days we stayed the snow pelted our face as we went down hill.  It was painful and it made us appreciate the first two sunny days a lot more.  Besides sleeping, the next activity I constantly did was eat.  The food wasn't too bad, I had chicken noodle soup, trout, and even some mexican food.  It was decently healthy and defiantly warmed me up every time.  I used my GoPro throughout the trip and when I wasn't skiing I made sure all my devices were charging.  I am surprised the hotel room had enough plugs for my needs!  It was fun to be able to capture my experience, and also to spend time with my dad.  I enjoyed spending time with my friends and nice strangers.  The Gondola ride and the green runs were probably my favorite part of the whole trip though.