Monday, January 13, 2014

COT Essay about Womens Rights in China

From the 800 to 1750AD the Chinese began to have less rights and privileges, however they were always viewed as man’s companion and nothing more than that, and they were very cultural orientated.

In 800AD all women were viewed as man’s companion.  The men took charge, and hunted the food.  Meanwhile, the women tended the home, and maintained the garden.  Women had a big role in society just like the men did, but they were not as prized as the men were.    In the 1200AD women were still very culturally orientated, they were religious, and fital piety began.  Elder women were respected with fital piety, and women were not mistreated, but they were not at the top of the social ladder.  Empress Wu helped with the women movement of importance, however that did not leave a huge impact.  In 1750AD Chinese women began to have even less of a role because of the Enlightenment period.  Foot binding because a popular activity for women, because it provided that their feet stayed small: this was attractive.  It was very rare to see a female owning a shop or company.  The rare case would be in a situation where she was a widow.  Women did not have many rights and they were viewed as man’s companion.

From 800-1750AD the Chinese were having less rights and privileges, however they were always viewed as man’s companion, and they were very culturally orientated.

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