Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beach Blog :)

"Today is going to be great!", I exclaimed as I packed my bag full of beach necessities.  "We can't be late if we don't want to miss the bus.", I explained to my cousin as she took her time doing everything.  I honestly would be lost and alone in the beach if I was to go without my cousin, so instead of leaving I waited for her.  If we miss the bus, we miss it together, I thought.

We left the house at a reasonable hour and came face to face with several charter buses.  I ended up sharing a seat with my cousin for the 1.5 hour ride.  We actually passed a few other beaches and they provoked me thinking we were going to stop.  The last time I saw a beach on that ride, I wasn't being provoked because we drove to it, parked and we were told to get out.  Later, me and my cousin set up our beach towels and it was actually so cold!  I didn't want to go in the water, but I did and regretted it because it just made me colder.  I stayed out of the water and played in the sand, later my cousin got bored and asked me if I wanted to explore.

We walked past the beach part of the beach to the exciting and beautiful rocks.  This was a dangerous area because the rocks were very sharp and filled with little crabs.  These crabs are not deadly, but they will hurt if they pinch you.  I tried my best to steer clear of these creatures and luckily succeeded.  My cousin and I traded places on who was photographer for the other person.  I had a lot of fun doing this, but I was still very cold.  Despite this, I went to buy an ice cream and I sat on my beach towel for the rest of the field trip and talked to the spanish girls and guys.

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