Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sun Hates Me

The sun shines so bright and always finds me as its target because the sun hates me.  I am aware that I need to apply sun screen every single time I go outside; whether it be rain or shine . . . O.K I thought no sun = clouds = no sunscreen and that is where I feel apart.  I went to the beach with Olaya's school and the weather was so cold plus it was cloudy!  Being the foolish child I am, I denied applying my sunscreen and protected myself mostly with a towel from the cold air, therefore leaving my face as the only target for the sun.  My poor face became as red as a ripe cherry, I was hot and in pain for about a week until it finally healed.  Lucky for me, my aunt bought me a cream for my face so that I could heal faster and my mom made sure I applied it every single day.  I am fortunate that it only lasted for a day and I am praying I don't have any long term complications because of this bad burn in the future.  Well I will be honest here, I don't pray.

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