Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cheerleading At Beaches

 I was thrilled when I was first notified that my mom and I were going to Spain.  After telling my cousin the news, I asked my cousin if she would want to stunt with me.  She sounded very excited as well, but unluckily for me I wasn't able to convince any one of her friends do it with me.  I really wanted to stunt on the beach or just do a neat move.  I found a perfect back round on an island beneath the port.  I decided to try to handstand against the stone wall and my mom with her iPhone shot an amazing photo I love to this day.  Then I tried to do my scorpion on the island just a short boat ride away from Vigo, Spain.  I was so unstable and we weren't able to take a decent photo of my scorpion.  The rest of the photos were shot at the port at Gijon, Spain.  I was with my cousin, Olaya and we were just playing around and my dad was taking photos.  Here was actually the first time I achieved my heel stretch, but I do realize I was hold my foot incorrectly.  I know I need a lot more practice and to stretch daily to achieve the perfect needle.  I was also playing around and attempting to do a scorpion, but since I was on a ledge I didn't want to let go of the pole.  Yet, I really enjoy the photos of my and my cousin Olaya stretching for a scorpion because they both look very cool.  I didn't expect the photo of my bridge to turn out so great!  Although, I am not doing a cheer bridge, I love how arched my back is.  Not only do I look skinny, but I feel I achieved something after so much practice and stretching.  I can't wait for my next photo shoot at a beach, hopefully next time with a group of friends!

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