Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My WORST Nightmare

A lot of things don't scare me and most of the time I am really brave, but there is an exception.  I hate going to mines, mine shafts, and going to the mine museum terrified everything inside of me.  This museum was located in La Entrego, Spain and everything within the museum was spanish.  It was a bit difficult for my dad to understand, but my cousin Olaya helped us out along the way.  Within the museum, there were the real machinery and I despised it.  I saw the big drills, the mining masks and what I hated the most was the replicas of a mine collapse.  On these made shift bodies where faces of fear and bucket loads of fake blood.  One of the main attractions at the museum was to visit the mine they had there and I really didn't want to.  We went into an elevator and it felt like it was going really fast, when in actuality it was just going really slow and we later were able to just walk up the stairs to exit.  We walked around and I was fooled into believing we were 600 meters below sea level, but we were just in a basement level.  The mine didn't collapse on me and I was able to go to the gift shop and pick out a cute scarf to accessorize my bag.  My cousin picked out a few sentimental rocks for each member of the family.  This was all my dads idea and although I said I didn't want to go, I am happy he made me.

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