Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little Insight of La Felgura

La Felgura is a cute petite city in Spain with parks, kiosks, stores, avenues and home to part of my Spanish relatives.  The weather is always either rainy or sunny; this is great news for the plants.  All the apartments in La Felgura seem to have a balcony fully decorated with flowers.  People don't tend to eat in their house, but they go outside to eat and chat with friends.  The food is tasty, but every restaurant serves the same dish and there is not much variety.  Since there is no such thing as tip in Spain, the waiters serve, take out orders and give us our check really slowly.  I love the food my grandmother makes because it always makes my tastebuds dance.  In La Fel there are 3 parks, the parque Viejo, the parque Nuevo and the parque Penin.  I used to think there were just names that kids gave the parks, but its actually what they are referenced as!  It is easy to know what park you are in because if you go to the nearest kiosk or vending machine the name is labeled clearly.  Kiosks and vending machines sell everything from sugar spiked candy to olives, while it might be fun to get a flavored ice snack it is all very fattening.  That is why I am not too sad I only have to stay here a month.  I can get away from the temptation!

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