Friday, March 29, 2013

RS: The Once and Future King- Merlin

Magic is impossible, an illusion is realistic, and this is a fiction story.  Merlin is the magician living in the woods that Sir Ector invites to his castle after finding out he is educating the boys.  Merlin worked with Arthur first, shape shifting him into different animals to learn lessons on societal conflict.  Merlin disappears year after year because after he teaches Arthur and Kay his work is done.  Arthur and Kay grow up with Merlin like he is the crazy uncle.  As they grow up, Arthur finds interest in Merlin's magic, meanwhile Kay despises the use of magic.  Sir Ector loves Merlin for teaching the boys such valuable lessons.  Merlin never has a temper and he isn't over emotional therefore he is great at what he does and he also has a great personality.

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