Monday, March 25, 2013

Reading Summary (RS): The Once and Future King- Kay.

"You're acting just like Kay!"  This is a phrase someone might be able to use if they have read The Once and Future King.  Relatives are relative and Kay is son to Sir Ector, and brother to Wart.  In the beginning of the book the young boy acts like a complete brat.  As Kay gets older he never really matures even though he is prince and will take the throne in place of Sir Ector.  Kay is a troublemaker and always starts fights with Wart, also he is very picky and doesn’t like adventures or Merlin’s magic.  He is arrogant when he uses bows to big for him though, even though he is good at shooting his arrows.  All in all, Kay will be good at ruling a kingdom because of skills he has acquired such as archery from Merlin and Arthur.  Although, he will struggle in places such as teamwork and working through a problem.

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