Friday, March 29, 2013

RS: The Once and Future King- Arthur

People call him Wart, not because of acne but because he is a pathetic loser.  A lanky boy who brother to Kay.  Learn more about Kay in my last blog.  Wart was adopted with the birth name of Arthur by Sir Ector.  Arthur is an advisor to Kay meaning he has to get whatever Kay wants.  While Arthur is looking for an animal for Kay, Arthur meets Merlin who is a wizard.  Arthur explains how he wishes he had the privileges to learn like Kay did and thats when Merlin starts to teach Arthur life lessons.  Arthur eventually does become king in place of Kay after he pulls out the sword from the stone.  Though this wouldn't have happened if Kay did not request a sword that Arthur couldn't find in town.  Arthur is more fit to be king because he is caring and compassionate.  Arthur also knows several scenarios of conflicts he has had to resolve from Merlin's teachings.  Arthur is well fit to be king instead of Kay and this does happen at the end of the book.

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