Saturday, May 17, 2014

Must Deal with the Cards Dealt

I would rather be prepared for something, than think of something last minute, however I have fallen victim to the last minute crisis in English class.  What occurred was that I had forgotten to print out my discussion notes, but it was not hard for me to contribute to the conversation because I had read the section we were assigned.  As everyone read out their annotations, my hands were frantically flipping through the book to summon a good discussion point.  Thankfully I had written a few key words and page numbers on the fold piece of printer paper I was using as a book mark.  I slide that out of its place, and just then it was my time to speak.  My task was to list the symbols found throughout the book, and hadn't realized I was supposed to ask and answer the question, so on the spot I had to come up with the meaning of a handful of symbols.

I started out strong, and then realized a note I scribbled on the paper that read, "p74 Estella and Pip are playing cards, and Pip ends up crying."  More of a summary I think to myself.  Then I start speaking, and I read what I had written down, now I say that I though the cards could symbolize something.  I racked my brain for what it could mean, and I came up with the perfect comparison.  Pip was a sad boy yes? An orphan.  He was with Estella and playing cards with her, but all she has intended to do is break his heart.  As they were playing cards, maybe the game could represent the quote that reads, "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."  The five other students at my table, ohed and awed, and I was ecstatic.  One girl even told me she really, like REALLY, liked that comparison, and maybe it could encourage some people to procrastinate, but not me because I was paranoid that whole class period.

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