Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Courses

Summer is an exciting because of the pool side, boys, and oh ya... no school.  I love my summer time, and last year I spent it in Spain, also I embarked on my first online learning.  I took Spanish 3 over the summer, which was super fast paced and ruined my academic standing in Spanish 4.  Maybe, Spanish 4 just hit me so hard that I could not handle it, or the teacher was just venomous toward me.  However, what I believe is that the course was so fast that I didn't learn what I needed to.  To avoid this I decided to take another summer course, not in hopes to fail the next school year, but rather to make room for electives that I would like to take.  I am taking the required course of personal econ and finance because I chose to take TV production at Fairfax.  I am excited for the rigorous school year.  I am going to be a junior!

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