Sunday, May 25, 2014


The yellow tinted light made it hard for me to open my eyes, but I was able to open them enough to make out his face.  I always awaken frightened from my slumber, and once again I freaked out because I had no idea where I was.  My hands were strapped down, and the man laughed saying it was no use.  He played my youtube cover of Bullet Proof, and added "if the straps are bullet proof, then they are defiantly Hailey-proof."  He approached me and as he did my eyes remained squinted. My eyes weren't bothered by the light, rather I was terrified of what was going to happen next.  In the movies this is the worse part, so a shiver was sent down my spine...   That is all I remember, and I begun to cry.  Had I been buried alive?  It seemed like dirt was seeping from the walls into where I laid.  At least I wasn't claustrophobic I thought.  Suddenly, the memory of a conversation of the worst way to die appeared in my head.  My answer was getting skinned alive, so I should be thankful that that is not happening to me.

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