Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Modern Connection of 1984

1984 portrays the fear the nation withheld about advanced surveillance combined with public knowledge of their private life. One of the reasons 1984 is a prized work of literature is due to the fact that the future that George Orwell predicted is a parallel to present day, at least some aspects are.  Edward Snowden acts like the hero, or possibly a villain depending on your stance, because while to the government he is an unloyal citizen he is thanked for his bravery of exposing the government and unraveling that knot that revealed how much the government and corporations really know about us. Snowden and Orwell are similar because they both reveal to society what kind of world we are going to be living in with advanced technology surrounding us, both mention the extensive work it takes to expose this to the public, and both were knowledgeable about the subject.

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