Friday, February 22, 2013

Problems in F451 are prevalent in lives of Carlo and Coral.

Coral was running fast, faster than the speed of light.  Almost too fast and it was late into the night.

“Where are you headed on this chilly eve?,” questioned her father Carlo said concerned.  He was on his way home.  He had to walk 2 miles in the chilly air from the G21 bus stop.  “You should be studying.  Have you forgotten the rule?  No free time or “you” time until your books are read from cover to cover.  Now lets go home, and do as I told.,” Carlo demanded strictly.

“Fine.,” Coral replied with a sigh.  Running was her only freedom and she was upset she couldn’t finish her route.

“Fine is not an answer; it is a smirk.  A smirk of disrespect that I will not accept.  Now, reply with a better tone.,”  Carlo demanded.

“I will go upstairs and study.,” Coral responded.

“Are you a decedent of a parrot?  If you don’t study then you won’t do achieve your goals.  Remember your goals Coral?  Remember the essay about your goals?  You want to get into collage Coral, isn’t that what you wrote down?  Am I mistaken Coral?,”  Carlo asked with a smile of superiority.

“You are right.  I do not know why I choose to run and did not study,”  Coral sighed, looking at the ground as if she could find an escape,  “sorry,” Coral said tiredly.

“Know next time,” Carlo said sternly.

“Ya,” Coral replied.

“Yes?,” Carlo mocked.

“Yes,” Coral repeated.

Coral walked up the snow dusted stairs to the town house.  She zipped down the pocket of her Teaberry Pink North Face and reached inside.  Coral grabbed her key chain with 3 keys.  The mail key, the house key and her safe key.  She opened the door with the house key and a gust of warm air met her face, that made it burn.  Her father was behind her, they had spent the last .5 of the mile home talking about collages, GPA’s and discipline.

“I feel really silly about not grounding you right now,” Carlo explained squinting his eyes.

“Oh,” Coral had nothing else to say.  She could not use her makeup, laptop, phone or itouch.  What else was there to lose? She sensed herself as a chameleon that would not change color; totally obscure from the lounge of lizards.  Coral went upstairs to study.  She studied chromosomes until her lids closed, her heart slowed down and her breathing got paced.  Coral fell in a sound slumber.

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