Tuesday, February 19, 2013

8 Ways Cells Become Injured

Even though I have never suffered from a broken limb one of my friends has described the pain.  She was riding her Helies outside when she rolled on top of a rock and fell on her arm.  I would metaphorically die from the pain of a broken arm.  Just the thought of a sharp snap makes me light headed.  Injured cells don't have much time until they die.  In my last post I discuss what cell injury is so here are some ways cells become injured.
The 2 most common ways that cells get injured is through hypoxia and ischemia.
1) Hypoxia is when cells don't get the oxygen they need.  For example, drowning and chocking are two ways that hypoxia can occur.
2) Ischemia is when cells don't circulate blood like they should.  For example, having unhealthy veins and arteries they can develop ischemia.
Here are 6 other ways cells become injured.
3) Chemical Agents: Drugs, CO and Ethonal.  For example, smoking cigarettes prevents ones body from spreading the oxygen throught the body.
Of course we have all heard how bad drugs are for our health!!! This proves that repeated fact.
4) Infectious Agents and Tramas: Bacteria.  For example, when one has a cut on ones body and it gets infected, then cells will continue to die until the infected cells are all clear.
5) Genetic Effects:  Down syndrome, sickle cell anemia.  For example, the red blood cells could be squished and not be able to circulate well.
6) Nutritional Imbalances:  To much calcium.
7) Physical Agents: Traumas.
8) Aging.   This is the only unpreventable and natural way the cells die.

Special Thanks to pcfR2oVUytjSe's youtube video for guidance suppling information for this blog post.

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