Monday, February 18, 2013

Injured Cell

An injured cell will eventually lead to cell death.  Cell death could lead to failure of an organ or organism.  Just like someone will eventually die without proper attention.  The injured cell can be reversible, which means that the cell can be saved and revert to it's original, healthy form.  There are a few ways that a cell can become injured: heat, radiation, lack of oxygen, un-proper blood flow, cell expanding, cell shrinking, cell multiplying or even a cell getting replaced by a different cell.  Homeostasis plays an important factor in a healthy cell.  Homeostasis is the setting the there is just a perfect amount of each nutrient.  Too much calcium, for example, will lead to a disturbed homeostasis environment.  Having a surplus or lack of nutrients can lead to an injured cell.  An injured cell can kill an organism or create failure of an organ.  The good news is that if the injury isn't too severe and caught early then the problem can be reversed in the cell.

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