Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tysons Corner has a Town Square?

When I was told to pack up my things, and that we were moving to a city called Tysons Corner I was scared.  Better said, I was timid for what was going to come next.  You see I didn't want to turn the next page and continue writing my story, because what if it didn't go the way I had planned?  I mustered up the courage to make new friends and continue my journey commonly referred to as life.

Originally I envisioned a corner named after a guy named Tysons, but that was were our apartment would be; I thought I was going to live on the corner that Tyson named.  I was wrong and Tysons Corner was a city, while it had a major mall it had the potential to get a lot busier.  Now with the implementation of the new metro there have been construction companies working at it for the past few months.  While it might be super crowded and we might live in danger and theft, there are benefits.

An example of what the benefits of the new Tysons includes the Town Square that has been built.  It is called to Learners Tysons Corner Town Square and this city is actually going to hold events there.  I can't wait to go to the first event, and see how they have put everything together.

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