Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Setting a Goal in 5 Steps.

Making a goal is easy if you follow some simple steps

1) Write down everything you want to do, and I do mean everything.
  • Why?  Some “silly” goals can lead to realistic ones.
2) Cross out all the unrealistic goals, and prioritize your list based on what is most important to you.
3) Start with the #1 most important goal and make a list of steps that you will need to make to get to that goal.  Make sure to have deadlines included in the description of how to fulfill the step!
4) Now put the most important goal, and its step into a calendar.
  • Why?  Since your list is prioritized you are putting this into your calendar so that you can make sure this gets done.  That way the things you simply do not have time for are not urgent.
5) Great!  You might, actually you probably will, have to go back and re-work your goals.  It is not that you did it wrong, because everyone needs to re-work their problems at some point!

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