Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Library's Kindle?

Recently, I have decided that I have an interest for reading all types of book, specifically mysteries.  I have not started Sherlock Homes, or any other famous thrill books.  What I have found the most interest is in is when I am turning the page to see what other clues the reader gives us about a case.  I have tried to download books from the Kindle, but I never actually used the Kindle device so we sold it.  Now I use the app for my Mac, or the iPad which makes reading easier on the eyes because I can change the font, and color.  I tried going to the library in my community, but all the books were feminist historical non-fiction books.  I did not pick up anything I couldn't put down.  Then I tried to visit the library on a Sunday, and that defiantly did not work out, because it was closed.  After that,  I tried to go to the online data base that the library has and I put a bunch of books on hold.  I suddenly got a flood of emails telling me the books were ready to be picked up.  That is when I realized I didn't have a sure way to get to the library, so I resorted to the Digital Library they have.  This Digital Library contains popular books that are free to check out and borrow for some time.  Which in my opinion is odd, because if it is online why can't everyone have a copy?

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