Saturday, November 2, 2013

Judging a Book By Its Cover

Taking a quick look at an object can not determine its worth.  In order to truly understand its content, consumers and leaders alike must look beyond the superficial appearance.  Last year, a crowd of people hated the homecoming theme, but they didn't say that when they left.  I can not explain how many times I have seen people judge a book by its cover.  Personally, there are so many shirts I see in the store that I believe to be horrible yet once I try it on it looks amazing.  It is very crucial to look beyond the superficial appearance and ponder the contents of the object.

On October 2012 I went to my first homecoming dance.  The theme was Tropical, but there were a crowd of people who complained it would ruin the magical night.  They took a look at the theme and came up with the worst case scenario examples.  No one knew how the student council was going to set everything up, until the night of the dance.  When everyone arrived they were astonished.  Several people loved the way the theme was set up.  When they left after taking a look behind the word tropical they were eleated.  Looking beyond physical appearance is very important.

Over the summer coming into my sophomore year we were given choice 1 between 3 books to read.  The longest book was a comic, yet several people turned it down because of the appearance of how long it seemed.  Are you going to continue judging a book by its cover?

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