Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Sunken Ship with a Hidden Mystery

Present Day
“It’s there!  I swear!  Don’t leave until you find it.” Avia whispers before there’s a beep and she hangs up the disposable phone.  She said she was going to throw it away after the phone call and Gavin didn’t doubt that one bit.  Avia was known to be sneaky, but very smart.  I’m completely lost in this vast parking garage.  It is their responsibility in the first place, but I know I owe Avia big time.  Avia Rosie Haldain is like a sister to me, not only because we have known each other from a toddler age, but we have helped each other through so much.  They’re so many stories that we share and if we were to write them all up than it would fill at least 5 volumes.  Of course we fight so much that there would probably be twice as many editions.  I am looking for a suitcase, she describes it as black enough to disguise blood and big enough to fit a body.  Repeating those words in my head sends chills down my spine, but I push through it because I know that Avia needs me to, along with her twin brother Daxon who has been dead for over 3 years.

Four Years Ago
“Avia!  Hussle!”  Daxon shouted from downstairs to his sister that was franticly getting ready for their weekend beach trip.  “They’re waiting for us!”  Daxon added.  Avia never really listened to her brother, but she was finally ready.  She blew a kiss to the perfect reflection in the mirror and yelled, “their gonna have to wait!”  Avia always had a top notch attitude, but thats the cost to being perfect Avia believed.  She finally made her way downstairs 15 minutes later and she was satisfied that Daxon didn’t pressure her, but then she realized Daxon was no longer there.

Avia dropped her stuff at the bottom of the stairs and looked in the driveway: the car was gone.  Quickly, she dialed her brother’s number and there was no answer.  He must have went to their house! Avia mumbled under her breath as she dialed Gavin’s number.  It was a different area code then most people in Southern California, from Idaho or some land locked state.  They’re not picking up!  She screamed to herself in the empty house.  What Avia didn’t realize was that is wasn’t over for her, but it was over for Daxon because that day was the last time she would see him.

Present Day
I don’t know why I never picked up Avia’s calls the day Daxon died.  I know now that that made me a primary suspect in the murder case, but we were all like family and there was nothing the Haldain’s did to upset me: no motive that would persuade me to commit murder.  I should have listened to the voicemail at least once before I showed up at her doorstep with a golden retriever to tag along for the road trip.  Afterwards, I realized Avia’s emotions changed throughout the messages.  It started out as angry, but finished out in tears.  The last voicemail she sent me was a long one, and all she did was cry, until finally she muttered out the words Call me and hung up the phone.  The was one of the cruelest things I have ever done in my life, and that is why I owe her and her brother big time; Daxon is our brother because they’re still my family.  I say it’s their responsibility because I feel like this is their dirty work.

I found 3 parking spaces jammed of suitcases in the corner of the lot, also they all had boarding tickets on them.  Lucky for me, it seemed like no one claimed the suitcases as theirs, so I had over fifty to look through.  Avia never specified if it was their suitcase, but I assumed it was the first time I went around looking at the tickets that were attached.  I only recognized the name Millvina Dean, but I didn’t know where I had seen that name before.  The suitcases were not only abundant, but they’re all so very full that I did not want to go through each one.  I knew that they’re all from the same trip though, because the tickets all had matching departure dates of April 10, 1912 and their departure was from France or Ireland, but everyone has the destination to New York.

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