Friday, November 22, 2013

Fiction Stories: Meeting Vicky's Boy

Today, a Friday.
“Just jump come on!”  Brock’s friend Justin shouted, I really didn’t wanna do it, but Brock didn’t seem to understand.  I knew that if I jumped the community pool fence my dad would not know where I went and just assume I went back to Vicky’s place.  My parents trusted me, did I really want to break that trust?  Brock was my close friend, but I didn’t know anyone else and I would be the only girl besides Vicky who was trying to hook up with Brandon from physics.

Monday 2 Weeks Ago
This is the first week of school and I am so ready.  I woke up at 5:30AM on the dot, actually I just got out of bed because I honestly could not sleep all night. I was waiting for Vicky to drop by, she told me she was picking up Brock first and that she would be there at 6:45AM so I patiently waited clenching my schedule and imagining who would be in my class.  I already knew that for the most part thanks to Facebook where everyone posts their schedule.  I was sitting by a bench near the front door when I heard the car horn and Vicky screamed “Get in loser, we're going shopping.”  I laughed at the Mean Girls quotes and walked toward the car, of course Brock just had to mention,

“No! We are just going to school Mr. Jelenski.”  That made Vicki and I laugh even louder because he obviously did not get the joke.  I got a seat in the back next to all the book bags,

“Tomorrow I get shot gun.”  That made Brock laugh only enough to regain himself, turn to me, and say,


“Brock you need to learn to say no to other things, not just me.”  I said jokingly and we began to talk about what we usually talk about, high school drama.

We finally got to school, found a parking spot, and made our way to school saying hi to everyone and anyone we recognized; you never know who will be your new best friend this year.  We all had physics together first period and then hopefully would find each other at lunch time.  Brock sat next to his friend Justin, meanwhile Vicky and I made our way to a lab table right behind two cute junior boys we have not seen before.  Vicky tapped them on their shoulder and they introduced themselves as Brandon and Dillon.  That was how we met Brandon.

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