Friday, August 30, 2013

Why we take things for granted?

The things people value tend to be the things that struggle, work hard, and overall invest a surplus time into to achieve.  Value is a ranking of how much someone care and if they put forth time and effort then the product is valued more.  There are situations where I do not work hard for something and therefore I do not value it.  There are other times I work hard and value something because I had to work hard for it.  Sometimes if I am presented with a surplus of something, but I complain because it is not specifically what I am looking for it tends to be because I don’t have to work for it.

If I don’t work hard towards something, then I will not value it because I didn’t invest much time into it.  I complain about not having anything to eat, but I have fridge full of food.  Why do I do this?  I take what I have for granted and since I don’t have the food I want when I want it I say there is nothing to eat.  If I did not have an abundance of food, then I would probably see the fridge in a whole new way.  Another example of things I take for granted is that they don’t have to work hard for is clothing.  My friend and I look our closets and exclaim how we have nothing to wear when in fact every hanger is being used.  We don’t work yet and our parents provide our clothes, so it is easy for us to say that there is nothing to wear.  If we did work, and save up for our own clothes we would probably value our clothes more.

While there are somethings we take for granted there are others we strive to obtain.  There are some things that I struggle and work hard to receive which leads to me valuing it more.  I do my homework, and make sure I study so that I can get the grade I want.  When I see my accomplishment compared to how hard I work it makes me very happy.  Another thing that I work really hard at in my cheerleading.  We work 10 hours a week and break a sweet every time in order to win.  My team and I obtain our trophy we are elated.  There are situations where I really work hard to get something I really want and the results are extremely valuable to me.

There are things that I value because I have to work hard and spend time doing it.  I value what I work for more than what I am given.  I need to apply myself in everything I do, so that everything is valuable and treated with respect.  If we didn’t have the things that we take for granted we would probably have an affected quality of life.

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