Saturday, August 24, 2013

To Live a Happy and Productive Life...

Growth is necessary to live a happy and productive life.  People are constantly striving to live a happy life by fulfilling their wants.  They also are trying to meet everyday internal and external expectations which results in a productive lifestyle.  For example, when I want to learn a new song that makes me elated I pull out my guitar and learn it. I am also expected to cook dinner for my family.  In order to make sure that I using my time productively, I need to limit the time on my guitar.

When people have an internal goal in life they tend to take baby steps in order to achieve their goals.  Cheerleading is sport that makes me have a happy and productive life.  As a cheerleader I would be extremely joyful if I was to achieve my splits.   If I was not showing growth as a cheerleader, then I would probably not be awarded several opportunities.  If I was not growing and improving as a cheerleader then I could not live a happy and productive life because I would never see myself improving. The actions I take include stretching daily to grow into the more flexible person I want to be.  I get a kick out of seeing myself improve and focusing on new goals. It would be impossible for me to live a happy and productive life without this drive.  We play a large role in deciding what we do to make our lives happy and productive, but we are not the only ones influencing these decisions. 

Our families, corporations, and societies are constantly expecting more of us.  Meeting external expectations leads to happiness and productivity. One example of meeting societies expectation is having good hygiene.  My goal is to impress others with my hygiene, and that motivates me to care of my hair.  I noticed that once I cease to care and treat my hair with quality products, my hair falls out and overall looks dead.  I am motivated to take that extra step because I want to meet societies expectations.  Goals obviously allow people to grow because completing a “good goal” makes the goal conquerer a better person.  The reason that not meeting the expectation makes you feel unsatisfied is because you feel you are portraying an image of a weak soul and slacking spirit.  Anyone can create a goal whether they are influenced personally or by a society.

If you want to have a happy and productive life you need to balance all aspect of it.  Growing physically, mentally and emotionally are important and as you get more advanced in these areas people are awarded new responsibilities externally and internally alike.  Having responsibilities makes me feel like I am worth something, and it truly helps me lead a happy and productive life.

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