Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do I miss school?

"Do you miss school?", I am constantly asked if I miss school followed by the question, "Are you excited to do back?"  I reply with a mere shrug of the shoulders and a smile, then they grasp my shoulder and chuckle lightly.  I always thought this question was asked because they wanted to get rid of us and the adults were ready to send up to a 7 hour day care center.  I actually do still think that or adults aren't that social and don't know what else to say.  Either way, I was never too fond of school, but my friends do make it a million times better.  I enjoy being able to go through a topic if I don't understand it with a friend, and if I am "out of luck" I love to Facebook message the cute boys from my class asking what the homework was or how to do it.  I also like school because I am not part of the dumb crowd, you see, if people need help they actually will come to me.  I like that because then I learn the information better because I am teaching it.  Sometimes, I am the one who is asking for the help because having someone repeat the information to me helps me to remember the information.  In my opinion, going to school is easier, more fun and more efficient then part taking in an online course.  I enjoy being able to give and get help from my peers in class and outside of class.  I feel one of my most useful study habits is exercised at school when I help and get help from people.  I guess its time to start saying, "Yes! I am very excited to go back to school.", because I am excited to rekindle the fire of learning.

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