Saturday, May 4, 2013

Math Basics

Math is a fundamental subject, and within in are some basics.  A lot of vocabulary, so sit tight and enjoy the ride.  A preimage is the original figure in the transformation of a figure in a plane.  An easy way to remember this is to think of pre- in preimage and remember that that means before.  An Image is the new figure that results from the transformation of a figure in a plane.  I like to think that I upload images to my blog.  This helps me because I edit the preimage, maybe transforming it, and then once its ready I upload the image.  The word transformation has been referenced a lot in my other definitions.  Basically, its the operation that moves a preimage onto an image.  3 of the basics are reflections, rotations and translations.  A reflection is they type of transformation that uses a line that acts like a mirror with an image reflected in the line.  When ever I write a sign and try to look at it in the mirror everything is flipped.  Try it and understand reflections better.  A rotation is another transformation and it is when a figure is turned about a fixed point, called the center of rotation.  Remember!! Every rotation has 3 critical elements, a center of rotation, a direction of rotation and an angle of rotation.  The final important transformation is the translation; slides figure the same distance in the same direction.  Latin is important because I was able to pick up that trans- means across.  To wrap everything up, rigid transformation or isometry preserves lengths, angle measures, parallel lines and distance between two points.  Isometry makes sure everything is and stays equal.  Math basics are important to move forward in learning.

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