Saturday, May 4, 2013


I was scared.
Actually, I get scared easily.
When you were lost in the super market... I was lost, scared and alone.
When I found you I complained about being scared and I was upset.
I shouldn't have yelled at you.
But, I did.

Why can't I be happy.
Why can't I be nice.

I was afraid.
Actually, I am always afraid.
You didn't know I killed her.
When you were gone... I was mad, furious and I had a knife.
When you found out I just cried with you.

I am sorry.
I am not happy.
I am not nice.
I am sorry.

Authors note:  Creepy I know!  I am scaring myself.  I just wanted to try this type of writing.  Tell your friends and tell the dog!

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