Monday, May 27, 2013

Evolution Theory + Famous Contributors

Charles Darwin contributed to science by observing the legendary theory about how life changes overtime.  Darwin observed characteristics of many animals and plants varied noticeably.  Darwin realized life change overtime and organisms became more adept with the society.  James Hutton and Charles Lyell helped scientists recognize that Earth is millions of years old, and in the process that changed Earth in past are the same processes that function in the present.  Lamarch proposed that by selective use or disuse or organs, organisms acquired or lost certain traits in their life time.  These traits could then be passed to their offspring.  Overtime, this process led to change in the species.  Malthus reasoned that if the human population continued to grow unchecked, sooner or later there would be insufficient living space and food for everyone.  In artificial selection, nature provided the variation, and humans selected those variation that they found useful.  Overtime, natural selection results in changes in the inherited characteristics of a population.  Darwin argued that living things have been evolving on Earth for million's of years.  Evidence for this process can be found in fossil records, the geographical distribution of living species, homologous structures of living organisms, and similarities in early development, or embryology.

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