Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frankenstein's Creation

Mary Shelley is the author of Frankenstein, and what I haven't noticed before is that Frankenstein was written by a women.  This was during the gothic and romantic period, where ghouls and ghosts were all the rage.  Frankenstein is about a man who is brought to life with a spark of electricity.  What is interesting is the origin of this idea.

Mary Shelley was born and 10 days later her mother died due to complications in child birth.  Growing up with out a mother was difficult, but having her first 3 children die is truly heart breaking.  This kept Shelley thinking about life that brings death and death that brings life.  It is a deep concept, but she was trying to see if there were some other creative ways that it would be cool to bring life.  Thus Frankenstein was created as result of one of her day dreaming fantasies.

Frankenstein is foreign book -as in not originally written in english- and therefore we are reading it in my 10th grade english class.  The whole theme this year is books from another place abroad.  What is fascinating is for the longest time until about a year ago I thought Frankenstein was a non fiction story.

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