Sunday, February 9, 2014

First Baptist Church

They told me if I accept Christ then they would accept me.  This made me content because I knew my baptism was considered an official acceptance of Christ.  I do understand that it also means deep within me I need to accept Christ, and I do.

I asked my friend Josh if I could go visit his church.  I like to explore different churches to see what kind of lifestyle I like.  I felt like I could really relate with the people of this church, however this might be because I found another diabetic and Josh.

Like other churches there were lots of activities to choose from, and I might go to one this week.  Another similarity, is that here they liked to sing, sit, pray, and sing some more.  I love to join in on songs and they make it so easy because the lyrics are projected on the screen.

I accidentally drank the juice they pass out before they said the prayer; that was embarrassing.  Also, when I was putting my small plastic cup into the circular cup holder I broke my cup.  If that isn't enough awkwardness for you then I just want you to know the pastor was making eye contact with my dad and I almost the whole time.

I really enjoyed my time at the first baptist church.  It was kind of like a prequel to what we had experiences with the second baptist church.  Especially since everyone was so nice I think it would be great to visit again.

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