Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 2: Plant Perspective: Peas

4/06/13 Someone grabs us from the table and we go to the balcony.  I can smell the dirt the person is shoveling into the pot.  My heart begins to beat faster and faster.  Then I hear the scissors opening up the packet and then I see her: A young girl with brown hair smiling at us.  She pours us one by one into five special dirt valleys.  I am #3 and I didn't see who else was chosen to grow.  The rest of my family gets stored in a closet on the balcony and I am comforted in knowing they are nearby.  Before the girl leaves she gives us a fabulous drink of clean cold water.  The girl comes back about three more times to water us and she acts very gentle and kind.  I close my eyes and sleep for the night, because today was good.

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