Saturday, September 26, 2015

Foxed: A Stop-Motion Animation!

Even needs to have some sort of break in their day, and here is a great stop-motion animation called Foxed created by my friends, James Stewart and Nev Bezaire!  What makes this so great is the use of stop-motion which requires a lot of patience and skill.  Every scene is excellently created, and captivating.  It will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

Even though it is not created with real actors and actresses, it is capable of conveying emotion through sound.  The background music is intense, and the use of dialogue makes for a phenomenal piece of work.  The various camera angles also help convey the emotion, using first person and third person perspectives.

Most videos I watch aren't stop motion, however this style helped contribute to thriller like atmosphere.  Honestly, I rarely find a stop motion animation that I enjoy, and I particularly liked this one because it made my heart jump when Emily couldn't get her mom's attention, and there was someone else... some thing else in her place.

Please check it out here!

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