Saturday, November 29, 2014

Who Are You Most Like?

Celebrity Quizzes are available online to discover someones famous doppelgänger.  I read the story of Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. After reading how Gatsby obtains and exercises his riches to win a girl I began to wonder if I was like any one in the book.  Am I like Gatsby? Curiosity hits us all and if you want to know you relate to the most then read this article to become aware with how each character conducts themselves and what their major flaws are.  Maybe you are more like Gatsby than you think!

Gatsby is non stop thinking about how he can win Daisy’s love.  There is nothing striking about Daisy other than the fact that she is dumb, and has hopes her daughter will turn out to be “a beautiful little fool”.  Despite these flaws, Gatsby still wants her, and tries to get her as if she is a prize.  The capricious desire to attain Daisy’s love is stalker-like, but Gatsby provides his one and only goal is to make the circumstances just right so Daisy will love him.  He is disconnected from his own parties, since the celebrations are just stepping stone events to his ultimate goal being Daisy. Gatsby’s personality flaw includes his juvenile appearance that he can’t rely on his opinion to be confident and needs the approval of others.  Feeling like he wasn’t good enough for Daisy he broke it off with her which encouraged him to become successful so he could win her again.

Daisy grew up wealthy and did not have to worry about an education or how to get a career, as being born in the East Egg was successful enough.  She fell in love with a poor solider which supports the fact that being from the East Egg money was not an issue for her.   The only female that this blog post has included, is Daisy and her major character flaw is that she is helplessly naive.  This is clear to the reader when her husband cheats on her, and she believes he will have the common sense to change his behavior, and eventually stop.  Later, she realizes his open relationship status is not changing. Daisy wishes she stayed the fool she was, and hopes her daughter will not have to deal with such heart break and that she is a beautiful little fool. After Gatsby ends the relationship, she searches for a way to painlessly move on, which results in her hasty decision to marry Tom the very next day.  

Do you feel like you might be like a spin off of Gatsby?  Perhaps Tom is more like you than you think.  The capricious love that Tom has for other ladies, that are not Daisy, is inappropriate and rude.  He is a married man, and this shows his issues toward commitment.  Instead of being fixated on one girl like Gatsby is, Tom is attached to the fantasy life of being in love with multiple women.  The one women who he is married to gets talked down to as if she is not worth it.  He doesn’t know about the affair with Gatsby, but when Daisy explains she is leaving it becomes clear as to what the reason was.  He turns out to be okay with this, as he has several ladies to choose from.  He is not a romantic, but rather just in it for the lust.

Nick is from the East Egg and he is from old money, but decides to live in a place where people with new money are.  He does this because he is unselfish, and particularly fascinated to be around different people, rather than be around people he has seen his whole life.  He is fascinated with Gatsby’s life, just like Gatsby is fascinated with Daisy.  Nick is nosy as he wants to know more about Gatsby’s life, when he really shouldn’t be.  However, Nick does get his questions answered since Gatsby is after Daisy and Nick is her brother.

The Great Gatsby is filled with trait driven characters, perhaps you have a match that you are similar too!  If so, consider that fictional characters are always solely fictional, sometimes they are based on real people.  If your friends, or enemies, write novels beware that perhaps there is someone characterized to have similar traits as you do.

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